Straight to the end product!

By 3D printing products, we can make the end product immediately without the need for a positive mold.

In ShapeShift 3D the orthosis or prosthesis is made based on the loaded scan and is then immediately ready to be 3D printed.

This allows us to make better and lighter products that are always custom-printed for the patient

More possibilities

Thanks to 3D printing of prostheses and orthoses, much more is possible in terms of production, as compared to the manual processes.

Think of certain structures, and hinges that can be printed immediately.

This enables us to make a much more dynamic product.


There are several more choices of materials and colors.

This way you can always create the optimal prostheses & orthoses for your patients.


Benefits of 3D Printing

Advanced designs


No mold needed

Less waste

No stock

Lighter products

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