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'Your digital workplace'

Rodin4D is a worldwide provider of their software and accessories. Rodin4D is a CAD / CAM software developer especially for orthopedics. With their Neo software, plaster models can be substituted for a digital file.


A 3D scan can be loaded into the Neo software, which can then be manually edited according to your own wishes and needs. All workflows can be determined by yourself, so there are no restrictions.


The software is easy to use and can be learned within two days. OrthoShapes therefore offers these training courses. After this training, a digital database can be created with all models, making reproduction easily accessible.


The Rodin4D software is made for orthopedics and works well with multiple 3D Scanners. A model can also be realized in the software by entering manual measurements yourself.


After perfecting the 3D-Scan in the software, a millable model is realized, this milling can of course be carried out at OrthoShapes.

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