Your digital workplace!

The Rodin4D software makes it possible for all operations, which would normally be performed on plaster, to be performed digitally.

Additionally, the software also provides a lot of useful extra tools that can be used for improving your model!

The advantages

  • Specially designed for the orthopedic instrument-maker.

  • No long training is necessary to use it comfortably.

  • Fast - Create an EVO within 10 minutes.

  • Flexible - Work with either 3D scans or general sizes.

  • No restrictions - Define your own workflow!

Suitable for

  • Ankle-foot orthoses

  • Head orthoses

  • Arm orthoses

  • Knee-ankle-foot orthoses

  • Body Jackets

  • Hip orthoses

  • Lower-leg prostheses

  • Upper-leg protheses

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