Retention of properties

The process takes medical, mechanical, functional and performance requirements into account.

Design freedom

Works with all orthoses and prostheses no matter what the design looks like.

S3D Beyond Fit




Other packages offer a

custom fit, we will continue!

Library of products

Switch models with just a few clicks.

Production ready

Products are made to measure and ready for production in a few minutes.

S3D is the only software solution that gives a perfect fit while retaining freedom and limitations in the design. This results in high performing applications.

Here are some examples that make our software unique.

Recover 3D Scan

Imperfections in the scan? ShapeShift3D automatically repairs the scan for personalization.

Advanced integrations

Easily add new workflows, accept input from every scanner, send output to every printer and integrate our software into your own front-end platform.

How it works

ShapeShift3D can be personalized to a print-ready Beyond Fit portable product in just a few clicks.

Ready for scalable production.


Our unique software solution unfolds the gap between 3D Scanning and 3D Printing in Orthopedics.


Say goodbye to traditional CAD systems.

The future of mass customization is finally here.


No requirement of extensive CAD knowledge 

Optimized product performance and appearance

Fast & scalable

Reduces production costs

Personalized workflows

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